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  • Ref: 1201

    Serrano Ham Center Piece (Reserva Oro)  REDONDO IGLESIASPiece min. 1lb Each piece is hand selected to guarantee the quality and service of which Redondo Iglesias prides itself on. These hams are cured no less than 15 months.

  • Ref: 4902

    Atun Claro en Aceite de OlivaNet Weight: 42oz Yellowfin Tuna is one of the best tuna species whose meat is fine, light, and flavorful. It is healthy, nutritious, and prevents cardiovascular diseases.

  • Ref: 4320

    VOLUME DISCOUNTS  Quantity 24 units

    Mejillones en Escabeche - Albo Net Weight: 4oz (10-14 pieces) Mussels from the "Rias Gallegas" (Sweet River), perfectly clean, fried in olive oil and with a rich pickle sauce. 

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    Ref: 3233

    All of our organic extra virgin olive oils are bursting with delicious rich flavor that will add flair to any recipe and enhance your cooking and dining experience. Each of these special edition organic olive oils are made from a single olive variety and deliver rich EVOO flavors that have been perfected for generations. An exceptional blend of the best...

  • Ref: 8030-A


    Individually wrapped Bulk “A Granel." Price by 1.1Lb Mantecados are traditional Christmas sweets that originated in Estepa in the 16th Century. The recipe has essentially remained the same since then. E. Moreno produces the finest quality Mantecados with "Protected Geographic Indication" (I.G.P.) designation as granted by the European Union.

  • Ref: 7072


    El Mejor Polvorón del Mundo I.G.P  E. MORENO/ ea We've selected the finest raw materials of the world in its origin, careful cultivation and procedures: fine flour, wheat, Marcona almonds, pellets selected butter, rods Ceylon cinnamon and spices arabesque that enhance their exquisite flavor.

  • Ref: 6770

    Salmorejo La TejeaNet Weight: 9.5oz/270g While gazpacho is a cold tomato and vegetable soup, the "Salmorejo" is simply fresh tomatoes and perhaps a clove of garlic, blended with stale bread, extra virgin olive oil, and sherry vinegar. Most people top the cold soup with hard boiled egg and cured Spanish ham, which I would definitely recommend!

  • Ref: 1289

    Taste A taste of acorns, toasted hazelnuts, wet wood and wild flowers is detected. Some rashers from the tip feature a flavor that takes on a sweeter and fattier note. The persistence in the mouth is very long. The fifth flavor, the umami, is present and makes the taste buds water. AUTHENTIC HAND-CARVED CINCO JOTAS ACORN-FED 100% IBÉRICO HAM, IN...

  • Ref: 4510

    VOLUME DISCOUNTS  Quantity 24 units

    Pulpo en Salsa MarineraNet Weight: 4oz (Tomato base) The typical and delicious octopus, carefully processed, tender and juicy, simply with salt and oil or marinated, makes up another one of the exquisite delights of rich Galician cooking.

  • Ref: 8024


    Handmade, according to the ancient tradition from Seville, which gives them their unique fine, puff pastry texture, that cannot be achieved by mechanized processes. They are mixed by hand separately, to preserve their delicate texture and aroma.Pack of 6 units. Best before: 06-10-2019

    $2.30 $4.59
  • Ref: 1265

    Jamon Iberico en Lonchas 2oz2oz - 57gVacuum-packed allows the consumer to enjoy our products in the most convenient way, making it easier to keep them in excellent condition without having to worry about climate conditions. However, it is important to open the container an hour before consumption, in order for the product to reach room temperature and to...

  • Ref: 4815

    Chipirones en Aceite de Oliva (6/8 piezas) Net Weight: 115g/4.08oz  (6-8 pieces) The cephalopods such as squid, cuttle-fish or octopus from Conservas Daporta have a unique prestige, not only for its careful and meticulous manufacture but also in great measure due to the excellent raw material used, bought and selected without intermediates in...

  • Ref: 2395

    2 days requered
    During months of summer, hotter months, the package final destination and if the transit time of the packages take longer than 2 days, it is NECESSARY for this item to be shipped 2nd Day or faster to ensure freshness.

    Queso de Cabra Nevat Price per Pound $26.79 lb 1/4 Wheel Approx. 1.30 lb  1/2 Wheel Approx. 2.65 lb  (10% Discount) Whole Wheel Approx. 5.3 lb  (15% Discount) A pasteurized goat milk cheese. The rind is covered by a thick layer of white mold which is edible. Its consistence is slightly creamy. The aroma is smooth, suggesting mushrooms....

  • Ref: 2124

    ($27.94 lb) Goat's Milk 85%, Sheep's Milk 15%. 1/4 Wheel Approx. 1.15 lb  1/2 Wheel Approx. 2.3lb  Whole Wheel Approx. 4.6lb  (15% Discount) Straw yellow rind. Taste: This cheese has a straw yellow colour and it melts easily.  Milk: Goat and sheep Aging: 120 days Best before: 300 days

  • Ref: 8860


    Spanish Flavours from five kitchens By Frank Camorra and Richard Cornish From its flagship restaurant in Melbourne's Hosier Lane, to the opening of its latest venture Pulpo, MoVida has always embodied the heart and soul of Spanish cuisine. This book gives you a closer look at the people, venues and dishes that have made the MoVida bars and restaurants...

    $31.50 $45.00
  • Ref: 8894


    $29.99 $49.99
  • Ref: 3088


    Encapsulaciones de Oliva PicanteNet Weight: 3.17oz/90g Caviaroli Drops by Albert Adrià are something else. They are olives but not olives. Or maybe they are. All we know is that this is no conventional product. Keep your mind wide open to enjoy this new gastronomic experience. Drops are perfect as an appetizer, with a glass of vermouth and a...

    $18.60 $31.00
  • Ref: 7989-A


    Boquerones, en Aceite de Oliva, Vinagre y Ajo.Plastic Tray 17.63oz  (drained wt.) (145-155 fillets) Our fresh anchovies in vinegar and garlic in olive oil are handmade from fresh fish. They present a white and a soft, consistent texture.

    $16.85 $33.69
  • Ref: 3219


    Variety:Arbequina-Hojiblanca-Manzanilla. Tasting note: Banana, almond notes, with a hint of green apple, tomato.  Smooth flavor.Use with white meat, white fish, fruits, ice cream, salads. Net Weight: 17floz/500ml  LIMITED AND NUMBERED EDITIONS Best Before: 06-2019

    $16.40 $32.79
  • Ref: 3217


    Variety: Manzanilla Fina de Sevilla. Tasting note: tomato plant flavor, green notes of olive leaves and stem. Medium bitterness and mild spiciness. Uses: Red meat, redfish, citrus fruits, bitter salads Net Weight: 17floz/500ml  LIMITED AND NUMBERED EDITIONS Best Before: 05-2019

    $15.99 $31.98
  • Ref: 3218


    Variety: Hojiblanca. Tasting note: notes of freshly cut grass, tomato, and artichoke. Mild spiciness. Use with grilled or natural vegetables, white fish. Net Weight: 17floz/500ml  LIMITED AND NUMBERED EDITIONS Best Before: 05-2019

    $15.99 $31.98
  • Ref: 3216


    Variety: Arbequina.  Tasting note: Intense fruit flavor, with hints of aromatics herbs and green unripe fruits. Highlights in the mouth include banana and nuts, particularly almonds.Uses: White meat, white fish, fruits, ice cream, and salads. Net Weight: 17floz/500ml  LIMITED AND NUMBERED EDITIONS Best Before: 05-2019

    $15.99 $31.98
  • Ref: 3087


    Encapsulaciones de OlivaNet Weight: 3.17oz/90g Caviaroli Drops by Albert Adrià are something else. They are olives but not olives. Or maybe they are. All we know is that this is no conventional product. Keep your mind wide open to enjoy this new gastronomic experience. Drops are perfect as an appetizer, with a glass of vermouth and a snack. Try it...

    $15.50 $31.00
  • Ref: 5245


    Paella SeasoningWeight: 31.75oz / 900g  A traditional blend of spices to ensure success in all your paellas.

    $14.98 $29.95
  • Ref: 1330

    VOLUME DISCOUNTS Quantity 10 units

    Chorizo de Bilbao (Cooking Chorizo) Each contain 6 links - 1.1 lb Our chorizo, great tasting, consists of leanmeat of pork, paprika, salt and garlic. It is a great food and can be combined with many dishes, enriching, and constitutes an ideal component in our diet.

  • Ref: 3310

    Aceitunas Rellenas de AnchoaNet Weight: 12,3ozDrained Weight: 5.2oz Are now stuffed more than any other olive on the market, offering the best flavor and quality.

  • Ref: 1310

    VOLUME DISCOUNTS Quantity 10 units

    Chistorra  Each contains 6 links - Approx. 15oz CHISTORRA, a typical product from the gastronomy of Navarra. An ideal style sausage made of lean pork, slightly smoked and lots of sweet paprika. Chistorra is usually fried whole but served chopped into smaller sections as a tapa.

  • Ref: 1440

    Morcilla de Cebolla Doña Juana Each contain 2 links - Aprox. 8oz Blood Sausage with Onions similar to the French boudin noir. A vital ingredient in the fabada stew from Asturias, Spain.

  • Ref: 1320

    VOLUME DISCOUNTS Quantity 10 units

    Cantimpalitos (Cocktail Sausages) DOÑA JUANA Contains approx.. 48 mini links 1lb  Old Castille miniature cocktail size sausages. Sausages are made from 100% hormone-free pork and the finest ingredients available, garlic, herbs, and spices.

  • Ref: 8147

    Picos - Mini Breadsticks Net Weight: 8.8oz - 250g Picos and all their variants are an almost indispensable accompaniment to the famous tapas that Spain has managed to export and make fashionable all over the world.

  • Ref: 1350

    VOLUME DISCOUNTS Quantity 10 units

    Chorizo Riojano DOÑA JUANA Contains 8 links. Aprox. 16oz - 450 g. From the famous region of Rioja, Riojano is made with a good deal of Spanish pimenton and garlic. Naturally air-dried. This sausage can be added to casseroles, meatloaf, lasagna, spaghetti and ... Made in USA.

  • Ref: 1030

    VOLUME DISCOUNTS Quantity 10 units

    Chorizo Cantimpalo  Contains 2 ea (8oz) 16oz / 455g A pork and beef dried-cured chorizo from the region of Castilla y León. Chorizo Cantimpalo is made from coarse chunk of marinated meat. It is popular as a ready-to-eat salami in tapas bars or cooked in bean, lentil or other stews and casseroles.

  • Ref: 1015

    Chorizo Leon   Approx. Weight 11.52oz /.72 lbs Its distinctive flavor comes from using all four types of Spanish paprika (pimentón): mild, smoked, hot and bittersweet. Specially made for those who enjoy bold chorizo full of flavor.

  • Ref: 1430

    Morcilla de Arroz  Each contains 2 links - Approx. 7oz Morcilla is a delightful Spanish sausage that can be fried to eat as an appetizer, or it can be used as an ingredient in traditional Spanish stews to enrich them with its flavor.

  • Ref: 1060

    Fuet DOÑA JUANA Weight: 11oz/.72lbs Approx.Fuet is a meat sausage product similar to the kind known as longaniza fina, made with finely minced fat and lean pork meat seasoned with salt, pepper and other spices.

  • Ref: 1020

    Chorizo Pamplona  Approx Weight: 1.3lb / 590g The Pamplona variety grinds the meat further. A product of incomparable flavor & aroma obtained from a careful and natural process of elaboration. Pamplona resembles only good quality. A superb strong flavor of smoked imported Spanish paprika.


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