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  • Ref: 2293

    Size: 350g approx Compact soft cheese paste, soft white bloomy rind, of enzymatic coagulation, made with pasteurized and 40 days of ripening.

  • Ref: 2071

    Type: Ripened natural goat milk cheese.Approx. weight: 1,2 Kg.  Cheese produced in the Region of Valencia in the province of Castellón. Made using pure, natural goat milk, with a very aromatic, creamy flavour, ripened for 1 month to produce a soft cheese. Its delicious flavour is reminiscent of home-made cheeses from the past. Rind...

  • Ref: 2070

    Queso Tronchon Rocinante Whole wheel approx. 4.4 lb  Smooth & buttery, this famed goat and cow's milk cheese comes from the mountainous region of Teruel and Castellón.

  • Ref: 2088

    Traditional Elaboration CheeseSheep mini cheese, made with raw milk, in an artisanal way, with natural crust and a minimum of 60 days of healing.Whole Weight: 700g Aprox.

  • Ref: 2049

    ($34.29 lb)   1/4 piece approx. 11oz1/2 piece approx. 1.4 lb Piece aprox. 2.8 lb  Queso del Tietar Monte Enebro is a soft cheese with bloomy rind, made ​​with pasteurized goat milk bacteriological quality impeccable.

  • Ref: 2033

    1/4 Wheel Approx. 1.75 lb  1/2 Wheel Approx. 3,5lb  (10% Discount)Whole Wheel Approx. 7lb  (15% Discount) Manchego cheese made in the natural region of La Mancha, from the milk of sheep of the Manchega breed, yellowish or light ivory in colour, with a firm and friable texture, has a great intensity with the smell of sheep's milk...

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    1/2 Wheel:.1,1 lb Approx.Whole Wheel:2.2lb Approx. Gentle to moderate aroma of goat, a characteristic taste with some slight acidity, at times a little peppery and slightly salty. Some goat flavour in the after-taste.

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    Queso Iberico 3 Leches  Raw cow's 40%, Raw Sheep 35%, Raw Goat 16%. 1/4 Wheel Approx. 1.75 lb  1/2 Wheel Approx. 3,5lb  (10% Discount) Whole Wheel Approx. 7lb  (15% Discount) Its elaboration from raw milk and a careful ripening, make this product becomes our best introduction.

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  • Ref: 2144

    ($14.89 lb) 1/2 piece approx. 1.1 lb   Whole piece approx. 2.2 lb   Rolls of goat's Milk cheese Natural  Special for salads or for traditional style serving, the Caprichévre roll of goat is characterized by being a smooth product, little acid, low in salt and above all, real goat cheese.

  • Ref: 2086

    Weight whole cheese approx: 13,4oz Full-fat, mature cheese made from whole, unpasteurized cow’s milk. The milk used for producing the protected cheeses comes from cows of Casina breeds. The cheese is made by enzymatic coagulation and the semi-hard or hard paste is kneaded

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