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  • Ref: 2181

    ($14.39 lb)  Whole Cheese 1.1lbs This creamy cow’s milk cheese is easy to melt, great for stuffing and exceptional with fish dishes. The flavor is buttery and slightly bitter.  

  • Ref: 2098

    Whole Cheese 12.34oz RECOMENDED 2nd DAY AIR It is made with full cow's milk, curdled with animal rennet at a temperature of between 20 and 25 degrees, for between 10 and 48 hours. Made in a mould and eaten fresh, or irregular and in a flattened pear shape, red colour. The aroma is soft and the taste is slighlty acidic, creamy with a strong and spicy touch...

  • Ref: 2099

    Whole Cheese 15.8oz RECOMENDED 2nd DAY AIR It's a product that explores the roots Asturianas, first merging two of the most representative commodities Asturias: the milk of cows that graze in the mountains of the Principality and cider, fruit apple pressing, two nutritious foods, complementary, national and international renown.

  • Ref: 2086

    Weight whole cheese approx: 13,4oz Full-fat, mature cheese made from whole, unpasteurized cow’s milk. The milk used for producing the protected cheeses comes from cows of Casina breeds. The cheese is made by enzymatic coagulation and the semi-hard or hard paste is kneaded

  • Ref: 2091

    Whole Cheese: 800g Añejo Reserva Pasteurized mini wheel with knife Of taste and aromas very intense, ideal to take with dried fruits, fruit. Accompanied by a good red wine.

  • Ref: 2092

    ($15.99 lb) 1/4 Wheel Approx. 1.4 lb  1/2 Wheel Approx. 2.85 lb  (10% Discount) Whole Wheel Approx. 5,7lb  (15% Discount) Intense taste and aroma. During healing he turns and given several coats of olive oil to get your point Milk : Raw milk cow. Maturation: Maturation of 10-12 months.

  • Ref: 2090

    ($14.89 lb) Pasteurized Semi-Cured Cow Milk Mahón 1/4 piece Approx. 1.55 lb  1/2 piece Approx. 3,1lb    Piece Approx. 6.2lb   The average ripening time to obtain the characteristic intense and slightly spicy flavour of our semi-cured cheese is about three months.  The texture obtained is buttery and very nice to the taste. The cut is easy, showing a...

  • Ref: 2141

    ($15.49 lb) 1/4 Wheel Approx. 1.38 lb  1/2 Wheel Approx. 2.75 lb  Whole Wheel Approx. 5.5 lb   Semicured pressed cheese. Cream coloured paste with many irregularly-shaped eyes distributed throughout. Natural, slightly moist orange rind. Soft and creamy texture. Sweet and penetrating aroma. Very characteristic soft, fruity and pleasant taste.

  • Ref: 2142

    ($14.69 lb) 1/2 piece Approx. 1,55 lb   Whole piece Approx. 3.1 lb   Aged pressed cheese with a uniform orange colour and few eyes. Natural rind. Firm texture. Dry matter: minimum 55%Fat in dry matter: minimum 45% Cow's milk

  • Ref: 2137

    ($12.59 lb) 1/4 Wheel Approx. 1.75 lb  1/2 Wheel Approx. 3,5lb  (10% Discount) Whole Wheel Approx. 7lb  (15% Discount) Made with pasteurized cow's milk all coming exclusively from our associated farms in the Pyrenees regions (Alt Urgell - Cerdanya). Pure ivory-coloured pressed cheese with many irregularly-shaped eyes throughout. Smooth creamy texture....

  • Ref: 2085

    Weight whole cheese: 16oz Pasteurized cow's milk cheese of lactic coagulation, matured for a minimum period of 20 days. The defined geographical area for the production and maturation of cheeses covered by the PGI "Queso Beyos" consists of the municipalities of Oseja de Sajambre (Leon) and Amieva and Ponga (Asturias).

  • Ref: 2110

    ($11.89 lb) 1/2 Piece: 1.1 lb Piece Wheel: 2.2lb  Soft cheese with a slight touch of acidity and accompanied by a dairy flavor, slightly salty and buttery. Paste is ivory-white, soft, creamy and smooth, with few eyes and evenly distributed. Ideal to eat with bread, with quince paste or to enjoy alone.

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