• Ref: 2054

    ($17.80 lb) 1/2 Wheel: 12,8 oz Whole Wheel: 1.6lb The cheese "Queso de la Serena" is the only one made with raw Merino sheep's milk and vegetable rennet. It is a completely farmhouse produced cheese, made according to traditions passed down from father to son.

  • Ref: 2125

    Whole Cheese mini 5oz - 140g Our torta is an organic cheese made from un-pasteurized sheep’s milk from our own flock. This unique cheese is made using only Cynara Cardunculus, the “Cuajo” plant that grows freely throughout our land, and salt. Its flavour is smooth yet personal, well defined and persistent, with hints of the pistils from this wild blue...

  • Ref: 2122

    Whole Wheel aprox. 1.5 Lbs. RECOMENDED 2nd DAY AIR Torta del Casar is a cheese made from raw milk from the merino sheep and entrefino trunks, whose coagulation is done with vegetable rennet from thistle Cynara cardunculus. Maturation be at least 60 days.

  • Ref: 2123

    ($19.79 lb) 1/2 Wheel: 1.1 lb Whole Wheel: 2.2lb Gentle to moderate aroma of goat, a characteristic taste with some slight acidity, at times a little peppery and slightly salty. Some goat flavour in the after-taste.

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