Ham Carving Knife (Cuchillo)

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Ham Carving Knife
A sharp, flexible Stainless Steel knife / Blade with wooden handle. Specialized for 'Serrano' & 'Iberico" ham Serving Knife is a long narrow & flexable blade for very thin slicing. measuring 9 5/8 inches or 25 cm. essential when cutting and serving.

Cuchillo Español para Jamón - ALBACETE This spanish company based in Albacete (Castilla la Mancha). It is probably one of the oldest knifes company in the world. At the archeological Museum from Madrid you will be able to see some knifes from Juan de Arcos in the years 1745-1746, so the company was born in those years. Perfectly designed for slicing ham the thinest way possible, of couse it has also something to do with the experience, but the knife is very important.


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Ham Carving Knife (Cuchillo)

Ham Carving Knife (Cuchillo)

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