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In the second half of the s. XIX the Hidalgo family begins the winemaking activity starting with wine and vineyards screeds property. La Bodega is established from its origins in the ancient town of Jerez de la Frontera; classical buildings built with thick walls, large windows and high ceilings with old tile beams are ideal for aging and wine aging. In the early twentieth century D. Emilio Hidalgo e Hidalgo and has a sound business house in London and a presence in many countries. Since 1970, and unincorporated, developed an important export activity in the markets of England, Holland, Germany and Austria as well as in the U.S., Japan, Denmark, Italy, France and Belgium. Currently extraordinary founding batches of wine and brandy have been continued, fueled and enriched being the fifth generation of the founding family that is dedicated to winemaking work remain.

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