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The exceptional quality of extra virgin olive oils response to the olive experience inherited from father to son , accredited for over 20 centuries in the region.

The history of our olive groves starts over two millennia , being more recently by Oleoestepa . In 1986 born Oleoestepa Andalusian Cooperative Society with the aim of uniting the efforts of more than 4,300 olive producers to exploit and commercialize Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced in the 16 associated mills, located in the region of Estepa (Sevilla ) and Puente Genil ( Córdoba ) enclave of protected Designation of Origin Estepa .

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    Hojiblanca is the dominant variety of olives in our region. It has a very fresh aroma, full of fruity green olive notes, freshly cut grass, olive leaf, with hints of apple and artichoke. On the palate the oil gives a very fresh feel in the mouth with a delicate but elegant spicy and bitterness that are well balanced. This oil is ideal for seasoning...

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  • Ref: 3005

    This extra virgin olive oil is the choice for professional chefs for its high versatility. It can be used for frying, in stews, for the preparation of creams and cold soups like gazpacho or used to pickle food. It has a fruity green olive aroma with slight hints of ripe olives, olive leaves and grass. In the mouth it has a low but and well balanced spice...

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    Thanks to the fact that this olive is early harvested, it is very fruity with hints of green and ripe olives. The aroma has notes of green almond, apple, and ripe fruit. In the mouth, it is sweet highlighting the character of the Arbequina variety, with very slight bitterness and spiciness. This is a perfect oil to pair with anchovies, old cheese, fruit...

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  • Ref: 3015

    Aceite de Oliva Arbequina Extra Virgen con Denominacion de OrigenNet Weight: 84.5floz/2.5L

  • Ref: 3003

    Net Weight: 17floz/500ml This is our premium, and finest extra virgin olive oil comes from the Estepa area of Spain, located in the heart of the Andalusian region. This four-time gold medal winning oil is made in limited quantities from a special harvest from the Hojiblanca olive variety.  Qualification: 92/100 points "World's Top 100 Extra Virgin...

  • Ref: 3012


    Egregio is our premium extra virgin olive oil produced from our organic olive groves with the hojiblanca and picual varieties. It is very fruity, with aromas reminiscent of green olives, and hints of ripe olives, freshly grass and artichoke. Spiciness and bitterness are mild and balanced, and there is a hint of sweetness. This oil is ideal for green...

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  • Ref: 3004

    Aceite de Oliva Extra Virgen 100% Hojiblanca-Oleoestepa Net Weight: 34floz/1L (plastic bottle) From the groves of the D.O. Estepa region, in the South of Spain, this top notch producer uses the Hojiblanca, Manzanilla and Arbequina varietals. This extra virgin olive oil is the best choice for professional chefs for its high versatility. It can be used...

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