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    Costilla Ibérica de Bellota-FERMINWeight per pack approx. 4,5lb Located in the thoracic cavity, there are two costillas per pig. The rib is very flavorful and tender, given the abundant infiltration and marbling of natural fat.

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    Acorn-Fed Iberico Pork Shoulder Steak for Grilling Presa Iberica de Bellota Marcos (Salamanca)Approx.: 1.5-1.7 lbs

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    Presa Iberica de BellotaWeigh approx. 1.25lb Attached to the shoulder, and located at the head of the loin. Leanest part of the collar, this is the piece with the most marbled intramuscular fat, overflowing in nuances and rich flavors.

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    Pluma Ibérico de BellotaWeight per piece approx. 1/2 lbWeight per pack approx. 1 lb This cut is triangular in shape and flat. It´s juicy and tender thanks to its perfect balance of meat and fat.

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    Chuletero Iberico de BellotaWeight  piece approx. 5 lb  This is the ideal pork chops for the most exiquisite barbeque: maximum flavor and tenderness.

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    Carrilleras Ibérica de BellotaWeight per piece approx. 0.25 lb (3 pieces per pack)Weight per pack approx.  .70 lb The carrilleras are located in the jaw. Being the chewing muscle, this is a highly exercised one, formed by a structure of muscular fiber and adipose tissue, which imparts a most singular texture to it. They are extremely tender and juicy.

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    Solomillo Iberico de BellotaWeight per pack approx. 1,25-1,35 lb This cut has a fine consistency, with a perfect balance of fat marbing.

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