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    8.8oz - 250 g Picos and all their variants are an almost indispensable accompaniment to the well-known tapas that Spain has managed to export and make so fashionable all over the world.  Natural ingredients, high percentage in extra virgin olive oil. Facts with dough, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil are crisp and consistent.

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    White Tuna Pate Glass jar 100g Prepared in a handcrafted manner and without additives.Ingredients:White Tuna (70%), vegetable margarine, milk, eggs, piquillo peppers, spices and salt.

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    White tuna Nape Cuts in Olive Oil.Can 120g Nape cuts are prepared with the upper part of the white tuna loin. This is a very juicy and select part of longfin tuna. In the same way as tuna belly, it is covered with olive oil.

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    Net weight: 9.52oz in Can Their production is very traditional and therefore limited. They work only during fishing seasons and invest many hours to get a very clean, white and juicy on the palate product.

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    Weight: 300g Souffle nougat, the hard nougat on its next level. The XXIth century nougat. Vicens continues innovating on the nougat’s world with its new crunchy hard nougat line. Made with Agramunt’s nougat(almonds or hazelnut, sugar, honey, white egg and some chocolate varieties), adding air inside, making a crusty texture and softer.

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    ($16.39 lb) 1/4 Wheel Approx. 1.37 lb  1/2 Wheel Approx. 2,75lb    Whole Wheel Approx. 5.5lb (15% Discount)  A blue veined cheese from the village Posada de Valdeón, in the heart of Picos de Europa. Made from pasteurized cow & goat’s milk. Try with caramelized fig or quince jam

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    V. de Navarra from La Vasco Navarro Price per Pound ($14.99 lb) 1/4 Wheel Approx. 1.75 lb  1/2 Wheel Approx. 3,5lb  (10% Discount) Whole Wheel Approx. 7lb  (15% Discount) Pure sheep matured cheese, elaborated in Navarre with sheep's raw milk. A cheese coming from pastures, where the excellent habitat is the adequate to produce a cheese of exceptional...

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    Weight 3.9oz Hand packed.Ready to eat.

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    Weigh: 4.40oz Discover the unique flavor of our special premium potato chips with authentic black summer truffles. You’ll be captivated by the intense truffle aroma along with the sweet and fruity notes of this exquisite treat!

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    Weight: 5.29oz - 150 g 100% Olive Oil Even for the most demanding palates, our 100% extra virgin olive oil potato chips won't leave them indifferent. Their flavor, crunchy texture and just the right touch of salt make them an irresistible snack.

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    Potato Chips Iberian HamWeigh: 5.29oz Discover the unique flavor of our special premium potato chip recipe with authentic iberian Ham. Be captivated by the intense aroma and flavor.

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