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    Typical dish from the Valencian Community. It is cooked, as its name indicates in the oven and is made in an earthenware casserole. A dry rice, simple to make and exquisite to taste.

    Recipe ingredients

      300 gr of bomba rice

      600 ml of stew broth

      100 gr of cooked chickpeas

      4 pork ribs

      4 Onion Morcillas (blood sausages)

      4 slices of fresh bacon

      2 potatoes

      1 tomato

      3 tablespoons of crushed tomato

      1 head of garlic + 2 cloves

      extra virgin olive oil


    Recipe steps

    TIME: 50min / SERVINGS: 4  

    How to prepare the dish?

    1Peel and cut the potatoes into slices. Set aside.

    2We cut the tomato into sliced. Set aside.

    3Season and fry the ribs and the bacon and set aside. Then, add the blood sausages in the same pan and sauté. Set aside.

    4Add the saffron, the tomato sauce, the chickpeas, and the rice to the pan. Season it and braise.

    5Transfer the rice with the chickpeas to a clay pot and add the rib, the bacon, and the blood sausage. Add the potatoes and the tomato slices. Place the garlic head in the middle of the pot, pour the hot broth and put the clay pot in the oven (preheated) at 220ºC for 20-30 minutes. Check it after that time to make sure that there is no broth and that the rice is cooked.


    You can replace the rib with sausage or bacon. It is important that you serve each of them a piece of potato, tomato and "Morcilla".