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    A dish elaborated with white rice, fried eggs, fried banana, and fried tomato sauce in olive oil.

    Recipe ingredients

      200 grams of white rice

      Mata fried tomato sauce in olive oil

      2 bananas


      1 garlic clove

      Bay leaf

    Recipe steps

    TIME: 30min / SERVINGS: 2  

    How to prepare the dish?

    1Peel the banana and fry it in a pan with a little bit of butter. You can fry the entire banana, the banana cut in half, or in slices.

    2Add some water and the bay leaf in a pot and when it boils, add the rice and the salt and let it cook for approximately 18 minutes. If you’ll like to add more flavor to your rice, you can sauté the rice with olive oil and chopped garlic.

    3Fry the eggs in abundant oil, until they are well done.

    4Use a mold or a glass to create the tower shape, add the rice into the mold putting some pressure on it so the rice won’t fall off when you turn the mold upside-down. Once the rice is placed in the plate, add the tomato sauce on top of it, and then add the egg and the banana to the plate.


    With the tomato and the banana you can make a face on your child's plate.